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    Fraud Chitfund Companies List In India भारत सरकार द्वारा जारी फर्जी इन्वेस्टमेंट कंपनियों की सूची

    भारत सरकार द्वारा जारी फर्जी इन्वेस्टमेंट कंपनियों की सूची
    नेशनल न्यूज ब्यूरो। भारत में कंपनी मामलों के राज्यमंत्री सचिन पायलट ने भारत में संचालित फर्जी इन्वेस्टमेंट कंपनियों की सूची जारी कर दी है। सरकार का कहना है कि ये सभी कंपनियां फर्जी हैं एवं कभी भी धोखा दे सकतीं हैं। इस सूची में कर्इ् ऐसी कंपनियों के नाम भी शामिल हैं जो बाजार से करोड़ों समेट चुकीं हैं।


    (1) M/s. Vibgyour Allied Infrastructure Ltd.

    (2) M/s. Rose Valley Real Estates Constructions Ltd.

    (3) M/s. Rose Valley Industries Ltd.

    (4) M/s. Silver Valley Communications Ltd.

    (5) M/s. Rose Valley Food Beverage Ltd.

    (6) M/s. Rose Valley Marketing India Ltd.

    (7) M/s. Rose Valley Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

    (8) M/s. Rose Valley Hotels and Entertainments Ltd.

    (9) M/s. Rose Valley Projects Ltd.

    (10) M/s. Rose Valley Patrika Ltd.

    (11) M/s. Rose Valley Films Ltd.

    (12) M/s. Modern Investment Traders Pvt. Ltd.

    (13) M/s. Rose Valley Travels Pvt. Ltd.

    (14) M/s. Brand Value Communications Ltd.

    (15) M/s. Rose Valley Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd.

    (16) M/s. Rose Valley Airlines Ltd.

    (17) M/s. Rose Valley Fashions Ltd.

    (18) M/s. Rupasi Bangla Projects India Ltd.

    (19) M/s. Rupasi Bangla media and Entertainments Ltd.

    (20) M/s. Rose Valley Realcom Ltd.

    (21) M/s. Saradha Realty India Ltd.

    (22) M/s. RTC Properties India Ltd.

    (23) M/s. RTC Real Trade India Ltd.

    (24) M/s. Jasoda Real Estate Ltd.

    (25) M/s. Saradha Printing & Publication Pvt. Ltd.

    (26) M/s. Saradha Agro Development Ltd.

    (27) M/s. Saradha Biogas Production Pvt. Ltd.

    (28) M/s. Saradha Tour and Travels Pvt. Ltd.

    (29) M/s. Saradha Automobiles India Ltd.

    (30) M/s. Saradha Constructions Company Pvt. Ltd.

    (31) M/s. Saradha Shopping Mall Pvt. Ltd.

    (32) M/s. Saradha Education Enterprise Ltd.

    (33) M/s. Saradha Exports Ltd.

    (34) M/s. Goldmine Agro Ltd.

    (35) M/s. Tower Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

    (36) M/s. Chakra Infrastructure Ltd.

    (37) M/s. Gold Field Agro Ltd.

    (38) M/s. Golden Life Agro India Ltd.

    (39) M/s. Golden Pariwar Holding and Developers India Ltd.

    (40) M/s. Goldmine Food Products Ltd.

    (41) M/s. Hallo India Express Sales Ltd.

    (42) M/s. Happy Life Realty (India) Ltd.

    (43) M/s. ICore E-Service Ltd.(44) M/s. MPS Aqua Marine Products Ltd.

    (45) M/s. MPS Greenery Developers Ltd.

    (46) M/s. MPS Industries & Agro Research Ltd.

    (47) M/s. MPS Resorts and Hotels Ltd.

    (48) M/s. Prayag Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.

    (49) M/s. Prayag Infotech Hi-Rise Ltd.

    (50) M/s. Prayag Infra Realtors Ltd.

    (51) M/s. Prayag Micro Finance

    (52) M/s. Rahul Heights Ltd.

    (53) M/s. Rahul Hi-Rise Ltd.

    (54) M/s. Ramel Industries Ltd.

    (55) M/s. Shine India Agro Industries Ltd.

    (56) M/s. Silicon Projects India Ltd.

    (57) M/s. Sunshine Agro-Infra Ltd.

    (58) M/s. Sunshine India Land Developers Ltd.

    (59) M/s. URO Agro India Ltd.

    (60) M/s. URO Autotech Ltd.

    (61) M/s. URO Hotels and Resorts India Ltd.

    (62) M/s. URO Hygenic Goods Ltd.

    (63) M/s. URO Infotech Ltd.

    (64) M/s. URO Infra Realty India Ltd.

    (65) M/s. URO Life Care Ltd.

    (66) M/s. URO Trexim Ltd.

    (67) M/s. URO Walkers Ltd.

    (68) M/s. Vasundhara Realcon Ltd.

    (69) M/s. Vibgyor Allied Industries Ltd.

    (70) M/s. Vishwamitra India Consultancy Services Ltd.

    (71) M/s. Vishwamitra India Multi-Developers Ltd.

    (72) M/s. Waris Hospital & Diagnostic Centre Ltd. (Now Waris Healthcare


    (73) M/s. Waris Telecom Services Ltd. (Waris Tel International Ltd.)


    (1) M/s. PACL (India) Ltd.

    (2) M/s. Goldsukh Trade India Ltd.


    (1) M/s Unipay 2U Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

    (2) M/s Unipay Creative Business Pvt. Ltd.

    (3) M/s Unipay 2U Production Pvt. Ltd.

    (4) M/s. Goldquest International Pvt. Ltd.

    (5) M/s. Questnet Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd.


    (1) M/s Unigateway 2U Trading Pvt. Ltd.


    (1) M/s Speakasia Online Pte. (Unregistered)

    (2) M/s. Basil International Ltd.

    (3) M/s. Vamshi Chemicals Ltd.

    (4) M/s. Appeline Cosmetics & Toiletries Ltd.

    (5) M/s. Basil Express Ltd.


    (1) M/s. Nixcil Pharmaceuticals Specialties Ltd.


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