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    Adooye MLM News : Online firm Adooye.com shuts shop after promising customers money.

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        Adooye Latest MLM Scam : BANGALORE: Even as e-tail and great deals are enticing consumers, Bangalore police are investigating a complaint from people cheated by an online marketing firm Adooye.com.
    The firm, which collected money from people and assured them high returns by paying them to clicking on advertisements, shut shop quietly and left over 2 lakh registered customers in the lurch.
    According to Kreetam Associates, the litigation firm fighting on behalf of the victims, crores of rupees are at stake and the company clearly looks like a fly-by-night firm.
    The firm collected a registration fee from the victims. A few victims, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: “The registration fee ranged from Rs 3,000 to Rs 6000 and Rs 12,000 to Rs 25,000. If we paid Rs 3,000 and clicked on a specific number of ads, we were promised Rs 7,000 after 120 days. Half the amount was to be paid in cash and rest as vouchers that could be redeemed.”
    Most victims TOI spoke to had registered recently and not got any payment.
    “We filed a complaint against Adooye.com, an online marketing firm registered in Delhi. Most people who registered with them are from Bangalore,” Vasanth Aditya, managing director, Kreetam Associates, told TOI.
    An FIR has been registered against the company, a copy of which is with TOI. “The company stopped paying returns in August around the time it was changing the website layout. The site closed down early September and the company doesn’t exist anymore and there is no one to contact,” Vasanth said.
    Claiming that there are at least 2 lakh persons who have invested in the firm, Vasanth said: “The company has collected over Rs 600 crore. We have filed a complaint with the Bangalore city police commissioner and the cyber crime department.”
    Adooye logo mlm newsPolice sources, while confirming they’re investigating the matter, said the firm has used several ATMs in the city to withdraw money deposited by members.

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